Drive Through Car Wash vs. Hand Car Wash

When you are little, washing a vehicle and playing in the water can be so much fun. However, when you get older, bringing your vehicle to a certified car wash center can be a lot more fun. It is super easy, very affordable and most importantly saves you so much time. A lot of people though wonder if a professional carwashes are good and safe for the paintwork of their car. After all, vehicles cost more money and nobody ever wanted to harm the paint finish of their car. Good news is they are actually safe! In fact, drive through car wash services may even be a lot safer compared to hand washing.

Studies have shown that a car hand wash can actually leave scrapes in the finish of your car with as deep as 1/10 of the overall thickness of the paints. Moreover, the average home hose can’t provide enough water pressure and water with soap action to prevent damaging the finish of a car.

Another benefit of drive through car wash is that the water used in this car wash is gentler to the car’s finishes compared to the manual car hand wash method. What’s more, the cleaning materials in a professional drive through car wash centers are specially created to protect and clean car paintwork and finishes.

By getting your vehicle cleaned and washed through a professional drive through car wash, you’ll be doing a great favor for your car. Not only it can protect your car’s surface from dead bugs, tar, falling leaves, acid rain that will corrode the finish of your vehicle, but can also protect your vehicle from corrosion and rust from the inside out.