Why Choose Automatic Car Wash Over Car Wash At Home

Using an automatic car wash is an efficient way to be ecologically conscious as well as help protect the car’s resale value. What’s more, an automatic car wash service reduces underground water pollution, saves water and preserves the vehicle’s finish and paint.

Below are some valid reasons why you should select an automatic car wash service over washing your car at home.

Environmental causes to utilize an automatic carwash

  • Washing a car at home can easily use up water of up to 150 gallons, where an automatic car wash can only use up about 35 gallons.
  • The detergents and soaps utilized to clean and wash the car, along with the dirt that comes from it, can go under the soil and pollute the water supply underground.
  • Automatic car washes retrieve the water utilized for car washing. Before reusing the water for subsequent carwashes, the water is first treated and cleaned.

Personal causes to utilize an automatic car wash

  • Washing a car by hand actually may produce small scrapes in the finish or paint. This is due to the fine particles of silt, sand and dirt which perhaps trapped in the sponge or brush. You’re actually corrupting the paint or finish when you wash your car at home.
  • The scrapes created by washing sponges and brushes at home can be deep. Automatic car washes only utilize high-pressure spray of gentle water to get rid of the dirt and mud before it’s washed, and all the supplies used to wash and clean the car’s surface are being rinsed continually in order to avoid any buildup of grit.